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Dr. Mike Daniels, Pastor


Dr. Mike Daniels was educated in Tyler Schools, attending Tyler Junior College, Homestead College of Bible earning undergraduate and graduate degrees. Hebron College of Bible conferred a Doctorate of Divinity in 1974. His desire for learning took him to Baptist Christian College and Baptist Christian University earning graduate degrees in Theology and Psychology/Christian Counseling.


Dr. Daniels has taught and preached and establishing Churches in the United States, Mexico, The Bahamas and Philippines. The last 40 years Dr. Daniels has pastored Landmark Baptist Church which he founded in 1978 with his wife, BJ in their home. Doc Mike has served as Dean of Psychology at Baptist Christian University, Director of the National Association of Family and Marriage Counseling and over 20 years served as a Trustee of Louisiana Baptist University.

Dr. Daniels is known for his love of disenfranchised people suffering because of addiction, divorce and those who have lost their way. His ministry transcends all denomination, ethnicity and races presenting the Love of Christ and His redemption.

The city of Tyler honored him by naming a special day in his honor.

Dr. Daniels has a precious spouse, BJ, by his side assisting him all of these years. They are the parents of five children and have had 45 children live in their home that needed someone to love them and give them an opportunity to be successful Christian men and women.

Dr. Daniels love for Christ and His people is radiated through out the entire Church body.

Dr. Mike and B.J. Daniels

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